Google will start filtering bad ads in Chrome

Google will start filtering bad ads in Chrome

Chrome browser will have a built-in ads blocker.
Google reported that, as of February 15, 2018, a special filter will remove ads that can cause users inconvenience.
Formats that do not meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better ...

Announced new security features of Chrome, the engine ESET among them

Yesterday, Googleinfo-icon announced three new security features of the Chrome browser
The features which will help to detect and combat malicious extensions and programs.

First of all, Chrome will detect the addition of changes to the user’s default settings. These include ...

The Chrome Web Store removed the Adblock Plus clone

Before Google noticed an error, the extension was downloaded by about 37 thousand users
The extension, imitating a popular tool for blocking Adblock Plus ads, was posted on the Chrome Web Store. Before Google noticed the error, the extension was ...

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