Cobweb Security is an international Product and Consulting Company in cyber security


  • Cleaning & fixing hacked websites
  • Protect your website with the CWIS
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  • Assessment, audit, penetration testing
  • Implementation of customized IS solutions
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Cleaning & fixing hacked websites

  • Malware Removal
  • System Hardening
  • Blacklist Removal
  • Vulnerabilities Testing
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Protect your website with the CWIS

  • Malware Detection
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Blacklist check
  • Spyware Detection
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Website Security

Our product line includes:
- All-in-one security plugin for WordPress complete protection
- Antivirus for all PHP sites
- Extension Antivirus for Joomla

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Professional plan

For only 6.9$/month
you’ll get all the additional options. It’s suited for small and medium-sized websites, owned by private individuals or business owners.

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Premium plan

An all inclusive 100% protection for 16.9$/month.
Your website is under our watchful eye. We provide 24/7 online monitoring. We will clean and fix your website for free.

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Fix hacked sites

For only 179$
our experienced team will scan, detect, and remove all types of malware and malicious codes from your website. Get a 30-days guarantee.

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The Main Advantages of the WebDefender

With the help of a new comprehensive algorithm, the WebDefender website security and antivirus is able to protect your website and detect the newest and most dangerous malware scripts and viruses. We provide you with the best protection from current and ever-changing threats.

  • Malware Detection
  • Spam bot Detection
  • Backdoor Detection
  • Detect File Changes
  • Plugin version check
  • ZIP file checking
  • Vulnerabilities Detection
  • SQL Malware detection
  • Phishing Detection
  • Stopping Zero Day Exploits
  • SQL, XSS Injection scanner
  • Blacklist check

Was your site hacked? Did the virus infect your site?
Or maybe there is spam annoying your clients. We have got a solution!

Cobweb security plans & pricing

Website Security

  • Number of websites
  • Protection
  • Anti-Hacker
  • Performance Optimization
  • Anti-SPAM Protection
  • Smart WAF
  • Malware Detection
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • Blacklist Removal
  • Website Hack Cleanup & Repairing
  • Report
  • Security Monitoring
  • Support


Best for a basic site

$ 0 month
  • 1
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly monitoring
  • Community support


Optimal Solution for Multiple Sites

$ 6 .90 month
  • 1
  • Customised Schedule
  • Daily monitoring
  • 12-24 hours support


Best for the most complex sites

$ 16 .90 month
  • 1
  • Сleaning report
  • 12 hours monitoring
  • 6 hours support

About WebDefender

New GDPR Compliance function for WordPress plugin

This extension of our security plugin will help the website owner to bring the web application in accordance with the requirements enacted under the GDPR standards.

Why should you use CWIS?


Sites Protected


Websites Repaired


Antivirus downloads


Files diagnosed

New product!

Our R&D team has recently launched a unique web-based VPS antivirus. The WebDefender VSP product will enable hosting companies, webmasters, and internet companies to protect multiple websites on a VPS from current security threats.

What makes us different?

Did hackers attack your website?

In case of an attack, our expert team will be available 24/7. CWIS team has extensive experience in cleaning infected websites. We guarantee a complete cleaning of your website from malware, viruses, and code vulnerabilities.

Cwis antivirus scanner features

Our team developed the CWIS - a new innovative scanner. It has improved capabilities for malware and code vulnerabilities detection. Therefore, we will provide you with an effective tool against the latest and ever-evolving web threats.

Our security scanner is compatible with all php frameworks

We have scanned almost all types of existing frameworks to validate the algorithm of the scanner. We have also developed specialized scanning algorithms and diagnostics for some kinds of frameworks.

All-in-one: timely service, web stability, usability

We have been providing online security services for 5+ years. Furthermore, we have sufficient experience and knowledge in ensuring security to websites.

Full service and support included

We guarantee support and monitoring services to our clients after they install the plugin. With Cobweb Security, your project will be protected from threats and can work online successfully.

Fast installation, easy configuration

CWIS is a simple, user-friendly tool that allows you to perform all actions directly from your browser. It enables you to make the configuration and maintenance with just one click.

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