DirectAdmin CWIS antivirus plugin

Web Server level protect

Our company developed a new product for the protection of multiple websites on a Web Server. The plugin on a server level will allow the administrator to scan all of the websites on that host. CWIS antivirus plugin bildin to Cpanel / WHM

Our product, the CWIS web server antivirus will provide hosting companies, webmasters and internet companies with the ability to protect their client’s website from current security risks.

The CWIS VPS is a Linux based scanner especially designed for virtual shared hosting platforms to search for web virus, malware, shells, spam bots, trojans, malicious scripts and other typical threats specific to the web arena. The main difference from other Linux-antiviruses is its web orientation, scanning the website’s files unlike conventional antivirus programs that are more global threat oriented on a system level.

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Main Features
  • Allows for centralized security monitoring of all your and your customer websites on a VPS ,VDS or DS servers.
  • Includes an Antivirus, Vulnerability scanner and Security hardening analytics modules
  • Sends daily scanning alerts to you and\or your customers - increase customer loyalty.
  • If your website or client's website is hacked or infected - you will learn about it immediately (if monitoring is enabled in real time), or during the period chosen for cron-scanning.
  • Web administration –allowing you to monitor your server from any place and any device
  • Very simple installation process
  • Simple and user friendly Admin Panel
Antivirus @ Scanner Features
  • Virus & Malware antivirus scanner
  • Vulnerable scripts and plugins monitoring
  • Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection
  • Blacklist Monitoring (Web Trust check)
  • Powerful & Easy to use malware removal tools
  • Security hardening analytics and recommendations
  • Professional features
User Interface
  • Easy to use admin panel with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Checked website list
  • Scan results functionalite
  • Security Warnings
  • Removable tool for cleaning the infected website

Malware Removal Tool, Powerful & Easy To Use

The CWIS Antivirus Security Scanner will not only help you find all of the viruses and malicious code on your web site but we will also help you remove this malware easily. Our built-in file viewer and editor is an easy tool to remove the infected file code or its part depending on the type of infection. The cleaning process is very simple and requires no special training.

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