All you need to know about the security of your websites

Our section of the Web Security Academy articles has been written to give owners and developers the most complete understanding of the security problems of web resources, how to protect them from infection and the possibilities for their treatment and cleaning up from viruses.

And so if you decide to build or order for yourself or your business website then you can understand that the problem of web site security is from the first moment of their creation and the threat with the development of your resource is only increasing.

First of all, we will understand what actually called viruses malicious code or infection of the website. These are not usual computer viruses, most often it’s only the code that launches the virus in more detail and the types of web viruses can be read here.

If you have already chosen on what plot you are making a site

6 Ways Your Website Can Be Infected With a Virus

Viruses on the website do not appear from nowhere. Malicious code is a result of a hacker’s attack. This means that your website or even your hosting account was hacked and infected. So let us look at the six most common reasons of a website’s virus infection.

How to increase Joomla website security

If your blog or commercial site is built on CMS Joomla. then you should understand that, like all sites built on open source, it is the target of a hacker attack. Constantly, both the developer and hackers find new multiple Joomla security issues . These include vulnerabilities like Execute code, Joomla cross-site scripting( XSS) , File intrusion, SQL injection etc.
This means that your site with a high degree of probability has a malicious code.
Types of malicious code that can be found on Joomla sites: backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, adware, spyware, hidden links, redirection and etc. A lot?, So maintaining site security is important from the first day of work on the site.

5 Main Reasons Why Your Website is Sending Spam

Spam is not just annoying, It can cause  significant harm to your website as well as your business. Your website may get blacklisted, all further emails sent from your address may be classified as  Spam even if those will not contain Spam content or all the emails will go straight into the “Spam” box.