All you need to know about the security of your websites

Our section of the Web Security Academy articles has been written to give owners and developers the most complete understanding of the security problems of web resources, how to protect them from infection and the possibilities for their treatment and cleaning up from viruses.

And so if you decide to build or order for yourself or your business website then you can understand that the problem of web site security is from the first moment of their creation and the threat with the development of your resource is only increasing.

First of all, we will understand what actually called viruses malicious code or infection of the website. These are not usual computer viruses, most often it’s only the code that launches the virus in more detail and the types of web viruses can be read here.

If you have already chosen on what plot you are making a site.

Diagnostic of viruses and malicious code on the website

Everything you need to know about the security and protection of your WordPress site

Website Security Threats

Tools that you can use to clean your site from malware


Cpanel Antivirus/Scanner – Hosted website protection
The “WEBDEFENDER” cPanel antivirus is a Linux based scanner designed for web server to search for website virus, malware, shells, spam bots, trojans, malicious scripts and other typical threats specific to the web arena. ...

6 Ways Your Website Can Be Infected With a Virus

6 Ways Your Website Can Be Infected With a Virus
When website owners discover a virus on their website for the first time, the first question is, “How did I manage to get my website infected?”. And a good ...

How to increase Joomla website security

If your blog or commercial site is built on CMS Joomla. then you should understand that, like all sites built on open source, it is the target of a hacker attack. Constantly, both the developer and hackers find new multiple ...

5 Main Reasons Why Your Website is Sending Spam


Spam is not just annoying, It can cause  significant harm to your website as well as your business. Your website may get blacklisted, all further emails sent from your address may be classified as  Spam even if those will not ...

How to remove your website from blacklist ?

How to remove your website from Google’s blacklist in almost no time
While website owners are struggling to protect their sites from various hacker’s attacks, Google is not sitting back as well. It scans thousands of thousands of websites every ...

10 Most Common Website Hacking Techniques You Should Know

We been talking a lot about cleaning and protecting websites from attacks. But what about knowing how exactly your website can be hacked? That is an interesting and useful information we would like to share with you. So let us ...

A new generation WordPress Security & Protection

“WebDefender” plugin – A new generation WordPress security
HAKERHIDE in cooperated in a multilayered website protection
To achieve complete protection of your website, COBWEB-SECURITY developed a WP plugin with a unique multi-layered protection
The first, and often the most important ...

Mobile redirects: how to detect and remove viruses from your website

Mobile redirects: how to detect and remove harmful viruses from your website
Being a business owner is pretty tough. Especially, if your business is well-known and successful. So there should be no surprise if your website is hacked. In this ...

Keep your website security – WP Core, plugin and theme automatic version update

Keep your website security – WP Core, plugin and theme automatic version update
Don’t forget to follow the update of your WP Core, plugin and theme
The importance of using the latest updated version of the WP core , plugin ...

A Short brief on website protection

A Short brief on website protection
The typical purpose of hacker attacks are
• Steal secret information (passwords, etc.)
• Gain access to confidential information
• Hack sites, dele data
• Replacing the content of a website
• Inject advertising ...

Website Malware detection and removal

Website Malware detection and removal
Easy steps to website malware , viruses , malicious code removal and fix vulnerability in your hacked website
Our clients often ask us how to detect and correctly remove malware from their infected website. Below ...

Website Malware Scanner

Your website is hacked or infected
Sooner or later, a web developer, webmaster or any website owner, who serves the site can face security problems: the resource falls under the sanction of the search engine or starts to be blocked ...

Website vulnerabilities and threats

Website vulnerabilities and threats.
What is a website vulnerability?
In web security, the term website vulnerability is used to indicate bug in the site code or server software, using which can disrupt the integrity of the system and cause malfunction. ...

CWIS antivirus for web server – Hosted website protection

CWIS antivirus for web server – Hosted website protection
Cobwb Security developed a new product for the protection of multiple websites on a VPS VPS,VDS and DS – web server. Installing the plugin on a server level will allow the ...

The “WebDefender” Removal Tools for Website Malware Cleanup

The WebDefender Website Malware Removal Tools
WebDefender protect and secure extension for any PHP website , including the most popular CMS , WordPress , Joomla , Drupal and Magento. You can use the plugin not only for protection of your ...

Why should you protect your admin panel from hackers?

Why should you protect your admin panel from hackers?
The admin panel can be a land of opportunities for a hacker. If a thief reaches your admin panel, he can then access your website’s database, backup files… Shortly speaking a ...

Why should you protect your website after a hack?

“Can’t I just clean my website from viruses? I don’t really feel the need for any extra protection” – We hear this quite frequently from our clients. It is understandable why website owners choose to overlook the protection part of ...

Why eCommerce Websites Are The Main Target For Hackers

Every website owner should be worried about being hacked. But owners of eCommerce websites should worry about the safety of their website more than others.
Why? Because those websites are much more profitable for hackers than the ordinary ones.

First of ...

10 Things any Good Antivirus Must Be Able To Do

10 Things any Good Antivirus Must Be Able To Do

You can find an incredibly large amount of antivirus services on the Internet. All of them promise a reliable protection for your website. But the question is – Can they really ...


Things every owner should know about the security of a website
You Website are secured ?
Almost every website owner or webmaster had to deal with website viruses at some point. But even though ...

How to get your website out of all existing blacklists

One of the worst things hacker’s attacks can cause is getting your website blacklisted by search engines and antiviruses. Even if you removed all viruses, it can still be in those blacklists. In this case you’ll continue to lose traffic ...

Why restoring a hacked website from your backup is not the best idea ?

The first thought that most likely will come to an inexperienced website owner’s mind is, “Why would I bother myself with fixing my website after hacker’s attack, if I can simply restore it from the backup?”
Indeed, the easiest way ...

Website Phishing what is it ?

Website Phishing what is it ?
Almost everyone have met examples of phishing. It is a form of deception hackers use to get user’s personal information like logins and passwords, email addresses, credit card information. Commonly, hackers aim to steal ...

WordPress Website security – Step by step

WordPress Website security – step by step
Why WordPress website protection is vital?
Security problems of WordPress sites are extremely relevant in our time. while some people are interested in your content, there are others who who want to break ...