Social Engineering penetration testing

Social engineering is targeted at the employees and their adherence to the existing security practices and policies set by the company’s management. This penetration testing allows collecting information about vulnerabilities of your staff. In other words, it checks whether hackers can break the security system of your enterprise through your employees or not.

Social engineering pen testing is an excellent method to evaluate how successful your security training is and what drawbacks exist in the current IS system.

These tests may be conducted with the help of internal resources or by hiring an independent company.  Your own internal team can save money, but it is unable to perform checking in an unbiased and objective manner.

Therefore, it is better to hire an external expert team.

The Cobweb specialists will help you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your IS policies at detecting and preventing social engineering cyberattacks;
  • Establish the open information about your enterprise that an attacker could access;
  • Check how susceptible your staff is to social engineering intrusions;
  • Develop the training strategy for employees on the security issues.
  • Entrust the safety of your information to Cobweb’s experts.
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Objects of testing:

The level of awareness of employees in the workplace
Information about the company and its employees in publicly available sources
Technical security tools (mail filters, antivirus tools, firewall policies)
Analysis of Physical Access Control System protocols (PACS)

Our Approach

Professionalism and Guarantees

Our team consists of certified experts in the field of cybersecurity. Every member of our team has 9+ years of experience in hacking technologies, programming, software development, security hardening methods.

Comprehensive Support

Cobweb’s customer support provides our clients with high-quality services by instantly reacting to new threats and intrusions. Our support team guarantees complete help within the chosen product or service plan.

Innovative technologies

In our work, we apply the best world practices in the field of information security, along with our own developments. Our R&D department implements cutting-edge technologies to ensure all-around protection for your business processes.

Detailed reports

Having performed testing and evaluation of your IS systems, we prepare a complete report of detected vulnerabilities, along with the recommendations for security hardening measures.

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