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A software audit is an expert internal and external analysis of your company’s installed software that assesses its quality, and compliance with regulations and current security standards. You should order an audit of installed software if you need to:

  • Verify licensing compliance
  • Check adherence to present industry standards
  • Monitor QA
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements

Therefore, internal audits will help companies enhance their productivity, find inactive licences, discover potential problems before they cause licensing and regulatory problems during external audits conducted by third parties. Failed external reviews carried out by third parties may result in fines that can be substantial if they occur in enterprises. For these reasons, companies need to perform internal reviews before external ones.

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Inclued services

Reverse Engineering

Software Reverse engineering analyses software or its part in order to discover the technological principles of its structure, operation, and functioning.

Source Code Review

Source code review is a procedure that analyses the source code of an application or software that helps to detect all existing vulnerabilities and drawbacks.

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Since failed software audits may lead to sufficient financial losses, you should consult experienced auditors before actual problems arise.

Cobweb team will perform comprehensive analyses of the installed software, check its quality, reliability, and adherence to industry safety standards.


Smart Support

Our support team notifies you immediately if security threats arise.

Certified Security Team

We are a team of certified experts with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity.

Detailed Reports

We provide detailed reports of conducted works together with security hardening recommendations.

Fixed Price Plans

You can choose the most suitable plan for your business. It is possible to change the plan at any time.

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