«Webdefender» Professional security platform

Webdefender is the best solution for small business

It is suited for small and medium-sized websites, both private and corporate

The expanded version of WebDefender guarantees protection, security and antivirus monitoring for websites.

This package will include all the extra options: Hide Hacker protection, bot filter, viruses, malicious scripts, malware and identified vulnerability detection and diagnostic of your website.

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Professional Plan

Improve website safety with the best protection features

Hide function

New masking code for hiding Real-time updates

Rule updates

Real-time firewall rule updates


Real-time malware signature updates

Scanner scheduler

Cron Scanner scheduler's settings

Brute force

Real-time Brute force rule updates

Smart waf

Real-time IP Blacklist rule updates

One year warranty

We offer 1-year unlimited warranty for every component. The service policies and warranty statements on this page are relevant for all Sennheiser products and Sennheiser distributed brands.


Website clean-up and repair within 12 hours
Reports & Alerts by email
24/7 Technical support


With CWIS business, you will receive the best protection at the most reasonable prices
Also, we provide recommendations for security hardening

Webdefender screenshots

Powerful antivirus tools

CWIS antivirus app will detect all the viruses and malicious codes on your website. Apart from that, we also help you to eliminate these threats easily. Our antivirus tool is developed to remove a part or whole infected file code depending on the type of infection.

The cleaning process is very simple and does not require special training.

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