Free Antivirus for your PHP website security

We offer a choice of three free variants of the WebDefender website security solution.
PHP WebDefender antivirus scanner – can be installed on any PHP website.
Wordpress Plugin , Hide and Protect your WordPress website from threats
WebDefender for Joomla – extension antivirus for Joomla CMS

WordPress plugin

Security Plugin for WordPress , Complete protection for WordPress website.


Antivirus for PHP site

PHP WebDefender – the antivirus can be installed on any website built on PHP


Joomla Extension

WebDefender Joomla extension – antivirus for malware detection and remove


WordPress Security - Active protection of your website from threats

The WebDefender was developed by a team of security experts and it incorporates professional tools for the best all around WordPress website protection and prevention of threats.

The WebDefender offers the following tools and protection measures:

Antivirus scanner

◾A professional Antivirus Scanner that will scan your website from external threats.

Active Firewall

◾ Active Firewall that detects and blocks bot traffic. This is a perfect and powerful prevention tool.

Brute force prevention

◾ Brute force bot attack prevention – bots detection system to prevent attempts to crack a password

Database scanning

◾ A unique ability of our algorithm is scanning the website’s database. SQL Database malware and virus scanning.

Spam Detection

◾ Adware, Spyware and SPAM Links Detection. Doorway pages (SEO), iFrame injection , Black-hat SEO infections

Anti-spam protection

◾ Anti-spam protection, automatic detection of all comments insert by bots and their filtration.

Website Hide

◾ Website protection Hide function that hides your WP Site from crawlers spiders and bots.

Versions updater

◾Updater – an automatic functional tool for updating your WordPress Core versions, plugins and themes.

Vulnerabilities detection

◾ Vulnerabilities detection – plugins and themes vulnerabilities, SQL, XSS injections, vulnerable and insecure scripts.

Increase the security with professional upgrade


Extremely straightforward and user-friendly interface (UI)


The Scanner can intelligently find MySQL credentials and scan databases for injections and malware


Scanner alert an security issue immediately the scan is even complete, which enables the user to fix issues instantly


Daemon - self throttles to avoid overload of the CPU


The malware and virus online scanner diagnostic all websites built to PHP version 4.1.0 or higher including open source platforms


With Cobweb Security, your project does not end once your plugin is installed. We offer service and support beyond the sale that will help make your online business endeavors a success.

WebDefender" screenshots

Powerful Antivirus admin tools

A powerful tool for monitoring and cleaning your site
You modet not only scan and detect all existing viruses and malicious
code and use our tool to clean and remove up virus and malware from site
Downtime and easy to use tool will help you easily remove the malware found in the file