Security Analysis of Cloud Data Storage

Many companies tend to store their data in cloud data storage, believing that it reduces hacking risks. However, it is far from being true. Cloud architectures are also vulnerable to intrusions.

And the problem is that traditional protective measures cannot guarantee the security of your cloud environment.

Therefore, it is essential to perform cloud penetration testing to identify existing drawbacks in the cloud infrastructure.

Such pentesting implies special techniques that are different from standard procedures. It checks the reliability of specific configurations typical for cloud environments, cloud system passwords, APIs, storage access, cloud databases, apps, and encryption.

Cobweb uses the principles of the Shared Responsibility Model when performing penetration testing. This model determines who takes responsibility for the platform’s components, cloud storage infrastructure, and software.

We will scan and detect vulnerabilities within your cloud data storage, such as misconfigurations, insider threats, weak access management, insecure interfaces, advanced persistent threats, and other drawbacks.

We prepare a comprehensive report with probable intrusion scenarios and recommendations for security hardening and hacking prevention upon receiving test results.


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Objects of testing:

Business software
Physical and virtual servers
Active network equipment
Active Directory and associated services

Our Approach

Professionalism and Guarantees

Our team consists of certified experts in the field of cybersecurity. Every member of our team has 9+ years of experience in hacking technologies, programming, software development, security hardening methods.

Comprehensive Support

Cobweb’s customer support provides our clients with high-quality services by instantly reacting to new threats and intrusions. Our support team guarantees complete help within the chosen product or service plan.

Innovative technologies

In our work, we apply the best world practices in the field of information security, along with our own developments. Our R&D department implements cutting-edge technologies to ensure all-around protection for your business processes.

Detailed reports

Having performed testing and evaluation of your IS systems, we prepare a complete report of detected vulnerabilities, along with the recommendations for security hardening measures.

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