Cobweb Security is an international product and consulting company in the sphere of cyber security

We have created and implemented an innovative solution named “WebDefender”, a website security platform. The main priorities of Cobweb Security are maintaining work processes, supervising all security aspects, and providing protection in the most effective and accessible way.

The company’s extensive experience in cyber security has led us to the development of a more advanced tool that provides solutions for scanning and detection of malware, viruses, and code vulnerabilities. Innovative technologies make it possible to ensure outstanding functionality in addition to easy-to-deploy solutions. We combine simplicity and efficiency in one product.

We also provide consulting services on the subjects of analysis, evaluation, and assistance of the information security system implementation process. We work primarily in the Western and Central European, Israeli, Russian, and Ukrainian markets.

The headquarters and operation center of the Cobweb Security company are based in Israel (Nesher) with the Roundsec branches in Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine (Mykolaiv).

The main advantage of the CWIS app is the ability to locate malware scripts and viruses, which other antivirus do not detect.

We provide our clients with the best product and tailor made solutions. Our team of experts are well acquainted with the dark sides of the network. With many years of experience as professionals in the software security industry and Internet Security, we encountered hacking daily. This “cat and mouse” game leads to thousands of websites being hacked and rechecked daily. Our founder CEO and chief developer marshals the resources of the best experts in the field of cyber security and their credentials are readily available @Team. Who we are – We’re the web security elite

Perfect Detection

Detection of malicious scripts and viruses

Vulnerabilities Monitoring

Website Vulnerabilities Monitoring

SEO spam link detection

SEO spam link detection in the website's file system

Backdoor detection

Backdoor hack detection


Scanning a website's database for find malware infection of the website

Plugins Monitoring

Monitoring changing versions of plugins

Team Members

Our extended experience in web security prompt us to develop a more advanced tool, which provides solutions for: scanning, detection of malware, viruses and code vulnerabilities.