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Cobweb Security is an international product and consulting company in the sphere of cybersecurity

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We have created and implemented WebDefender -an innovative, comprehensive website security platform. The main priorities of Cobweb Security are maintaining work processes, supervising all security aspects, and providing protection in the most effective and accessible way.

The company’s extensive experience in cybersecurity has led us to the development of a more advanced tool that provides solutions for scanning and detection of malware, viruses, and code vulnerabilities. Innovative technologies make it possible to ensure outstanding functionality in addition to easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. It is a combination of simplicity and efficiency in one product.

We also provide consulting services on the analysis, evaluation, and management of the IS system. We work primarily in the Western and Central European, Israeli, Russian, and Ukrainian markets.

The headquarters and operation centres of the Cobweb Security company is based in Israel (Nesher). There are also the Roundsec branches in Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine (Mykolaiv).

Cobweb ensures awareness and reliability for your business. We offer:

– Individual approach

– Certified team

– Innovative methodology

– Quick response to IS threats

We provide our clients with the best security products and customised solutions. Our team of experts are well-aware of the dark sides of the Internet.

Due to our long-time experience in the software security industry and internet security, we know how to respond to various attacks quickly.

Also, We provide the best consulting services on IS for your business.

Our founder, CEO, and chief developer marshal the resources of the best experts in the field of cybersecurity and their credentials can be viewed in team.

We’re the web security elite force.

Superb detection

Detection of malicious scripts and viruses

Vulnerabilities monitoring

Website vulnerabilities monitoring

Search engine spam detection

SEO spam links detection in the website file system

Backdoor detection

Backdoor hack detection

Database scanning

Scanning a website database for malware infection

Plugins monitoring

Monitoring plugins updates

Team members

Our team consists of certified cybersecurity experts who have successfully enhanced IS systems of many European and Israeli companies, as well as private customers. We will do our best to guarantee the highest quality of services.

Amil Haimov

CEO & Founder
Amil Haimov is an entrepreneur in the cybersecurity sphere. He has vast experience and profound practical knowledge of hacking techniques and cybersecurity methods that he gained working in many hi-tech companies as a developer. Being passionate about innovations and IT technologies, he founded Cobweb Security to provide effective solutions for the web security field. Amil is the force that drives the company forward, making it one of the top in the IS market.

Alex Segal

Chief Programmer
Alex possesses 15+ years of programming experience with a wide range of technologies. He is managing our team of programmers. Thanks to Alex’s drive and thinking out of the box, he and his team are able to develop tailor-made solutions to the cyber-security field. Alex supervises and analyses existing versions of our products to increase our software’s operating efficiency and adaptability.

Mikhail Roshektaev

Chief Security Specialist
A prize-winning specialist with 12+ years of experience, Mikhail is the driving force of all significant security breakthroughs we make. He is responsible for analysing and assessing software & networks vulnerabilities, developing new tools. Mikhail analyses and evaluates damage to the data/infrastructure caused by security incidents. He examines available recovery tools and recommends solutions for security hardening.
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