Very Fast and Professional Cobweb - Security expert team remove Malware And Fix Your Hacked Website

Our experienced team will fix and clean your website rapidly.

– Detect and clean your website from virus, malware and malicious code

– Adware, spyware and SPAM links detection and remove

– Repair known codes vulnerabilities

– Blacklist Monitoring

– Security hardening analytics & recommendation

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Very Quick and Responsive

Very Quick and Responsive, A Team of security experts is standing by to fix your site—24/7

Special scann algorithm

Our special algorithm ensures we find and remove all kind of malware ,even unknown threats

Remove from Blacklist

Browsers and search engines blacklist hacked sites to protect users. We’ll work to get your site removed from the blacklist

We not only  will clean your website,  we will also conduct a hardening of your website’s security

Safety Experts

We have a library of automated malware removal tools and well-trained security analysts who carefully check your website.

Remove Malware

We safely remove all Malware , Spam , Backdoor , from your website file system and database, repair your site safety and completely.

Total website cleanup

We check, detect and remove not only malware is infect your website , we diagnose and clean all malicious code injections we find in your website

Website hacking has become a global problem that affects many, Websites daily, much more than one might imagine

Did you know that:

70% of websites that undergo a vulnerabilities examination such vulnerabilities stillexist? Malicious scripts, viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious programs contaminate 30% of websites. 10% of the websites are under a hidden control of hackers, which steal passwords, data, customers and send out spam on behalf of the company. 3000000 of websites are hacked every year. If those figures alarm you what are you prepare to do to protect your website and your business

Take the security monitoring of your web site with our premium plan and the threats you no longer fear

A one-year subscription to our Premium program  includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring as well as Website cleaning and repair
  • We have expanded database of viruses, Malicious scripts, Malware and know security vulnerabilities
  • This Plan is suited for small and medium size privet and commercial websites
  • The premium plan also includes monitoring of Cobweb’s Security team of experts, which will perform manual correction of any defective scripts, delete viruses, and identify vulnerabilities
  • You will receive recommendations for security hardening
  • In the case of a hacker attack our support team will perform virus cleaning and website repair within 12 hours
  • A full and detailed monthly report which will include: o Plugins update recommendations o Scan and cleaning information and statisti c o Site file diagnostic o in the case of infection or hacker attack immediately alarm report
  • 24/7 Technical support

What ate the symptoms (signs) of an infected website ?

1. Website blocked by browser antivirus


2. Antivirus in your PC block your website

Modern PC antivirus can detect some viruses on your web-based resources. Therefore, if your computer blocks access to your website and informs you of an infection then you should perform a virus scan of your website immediately.


3. The website will not open and\or blocked by search engines

Search engine bots constantly check websites for viruses and various types of malicious code. If a search engine find any of the above on your website then they will blacklist you resource and depending on the threat level of your website a variety of unpleasant sanctions can be applied to block your website from other Internet users

4. Your website blocked by Hosting

It is important to understand that the hosting company is not responsible for your mistakes and does not deal with the protection of your website from hackers and viruses; they just sell you storage for your websiteAnd so do not be surprised if you receive a letter from your hosting company informing you that your website is infected with a virus and that they are blocking it. After you clean your website from all viruses the hosting company will usually unblock your website ASAP

5. Mobile redirect to other website

Try accessing your website from a mobile phone. A common infection nowadays is a virus that will redirect your visitors from your website to various malicious sites. However, you will not see that when accessing from a PC.


6. Modified files in your website

Watch for file changes on your site .If you notice that a file size has changed or the modify dates of your files do not correspond with the dates you made changes in than, you should conduct a virus scan immediately