Free Website malware scanner

Free malware scanner special features

Free Malware Antivirus main features
Free Malware Antivirus main features

The malware and virus scanner for all websites built on PHP version 4.1.0 or higher, including open source CMS platforms based on PHP

Vulnerabilities Detection

Website Antivirus will detect vulnerabilities in CMS scripts:
• Plugins and themes vulnerabilities
• SQL, XSS malicious injections

Checking and updating Plugin version

WordPress Updater.
The function will help you keep track of the plugin’s security upgrades and functional plugin control

iFrame injections check

iFrame injection attack detection. An iframe injection is an inject tags into a page’s content. The iframe usually startup external application download that contains a Malicious code.

ZIP file malware checking

One of the unique functions of the antivirus is to check the zip files of your site on the server directory for viruses.

Suspicious PHP code checking

Non-PHP files have a PHP signature or JavaScript source URL, which contains the keyword "php". This file must be checked for malicious code injection.

SQL Malware detection

Searching for malware in a database can be much more complex than searching for viruses in website files. Our antivirus has a unique function of virus detection in the database.

Doorways detection

Scanner analyses Directories that contain too many .php or .html files. The files that include many .php, or .html files might be a part of doorway pages. Such pages sufficiently damage the site’s reputation.

Backdoor monitoring

Backdoor script signature detection. The backdoor web shell is a malicious piece of code that can be uploaded to a site to gain access to files stored on that site.

Choose your plan

free cwis

for new user

$ 0 month
  • CWIS Antivirus for Viruse, Malware and Malicious code monitoring as well as security weaknesses analysis

premium cwis

for new user

$ 16 .90 month
  • This Plan is suited for small and medium size privet and commercial websites
  • 100% protection – of your website on our security monitoring server 24/7. In case of a hackers attack or a virus infection, we will clean and repair you website
  • With CWIS premium you will receive the best protection and the quickest response time money can buy.
  • 365/24/7 monitoring of your website in our situation room. Ones there is an attack on your website our software engineers will get an instant notification and will protect, clean (if needed) and get your website back on air in the shortest time possible
  • The premium plan also includes manual corrections of any defective scripts, virus deletion, and identifying vulnerabilities.
  • You will receive recommendations for security hardening.
  • Website repair within 12 hours
  • Reports & Alerts by email

business cwis

for new users

$ 6 .90 month
  • Will includes all the extras options. Suited for small and medium-sized websites, private as well as business.
  • Expanded version of CWIS antivirus for viruse, Malicious scripts , Malware and known security vulnerability of your website.
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


I want to start by saying Cobweb Security is a team of certified experts. Our company faced security threats multiple times. Unfortunately, we experienced a lack of professionalism from various companies we’d worked with before. So, we almost gave up on that issue. Cobweb Security called me up one day and offered their services for the treatment of infected sites. Initially, we were concerned that they had accidentally found our number over the Internet but, very quickly, we realised that I was dealing with a serious company that understands and knows the field at a high level. After a few days, they resolved the problem, and I received answers to all my questions. I would like to add that Cobweb’s team know their business. They are always available 24/7 and are highly trustworthy. Affordable prices and high quality of work helped me to protect my business. Thank you!
Our site was hacked. We tried several different antiviruses, but with zero results because none of them was able to find the problem on the site. Luckily, we came across Cobweb Security. They analysed our request and detected malware. Also, they provided us with a full range of services on website protection. We signed a long-term contract on security monitoring services by Cobweb Security.
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