Check if your website safety with Cobweb security scanner, The online tool for a quick detection of security Vulnerabilities, Viruses, Worms, Trojans and other Malware.The scanner checking the site pages code for virus injection, hidden redirects, your site blacklisting status no more.

To scan a site, click the button and to go on the online scanner page and enter the URL of your site

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You should not only check your website for virus and malware with online scanner ,
it is also very important to scan all website files system and databases located on the server. The malware detection in the files and database on the hosting for the presence of server-side malicious scripts and injections with website antivirus

Free Malware Antivirus main features

The malware and virus scanner for all websites built to PHP version 4.1.0 or higher, including open source CMS platforms based on PHP

Vulnerabilities Detection

Website Antivirus will detect CMS scripts possibly Vulnerabilities:
• Plugins and themes vulnerabilities
• SQL, XSS malicious injections

Plugin version check and update

Wordpress Updater - The function will help you keep track of the plugin’s security upgrades and functional plugin control.

iFrame injections check

iFrame injection attack detection. An iframe injection is an inject tags into a page’s content. The iframe usually startup external application download that contains a Malicious code.

ZIP file malware checking

One of the exclusive functions of the antivirus is to check the zip files of the your site on the server directory for viruses.

Suspicious PHP code checking

Non-PHP file has PHP signature or javascript source URL contains keyword "php". This file must be checked for malicious code injection.

SQL Malware detection

Searching for malware in a database can be a much more difficult than searching virus in website files. Our antivirus has this unique function, virus detection in the database

Doorways detection

Scanner analyzes Directories contained too many .php or .html files. Files include many .php or .html file might be a part of doorway pages. The pages on the site can reduce its reputation

Backdoor monitoring

Backdoor script signature detection. The backdoor webshell is a malicious pieces of code that can be uploaded to a site to gain access to file stored on that site

The malware types what our scanner can detect:

list of malware types what our scanner can detect
  • Website Backdoors
  • Phishing Detection
  • Blacklist checking
  • File Change Detection
  • Full Malware search
  • Malware detection in the SQL database
  • Bot spam file Detection

Blacklist monitoring - Check that your website was not compromised

Blacklist Monitoring scanner checks IP addresses and website domains in the 10 most popular security blacklists

  • By Norton Safe Web
  • By Google Safe Browsing
  • By McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • By Phish Tank
  • By Yandex Antivirus
  • By MXToolBox
  • By Barracuda RBL
  • By SpamHaus DBL

Database Malware Scanning - A unique ability of our algorithm

Algorithm is scanning the website’s database. This function crucial as more and more hackers use SQL injection to infect the websites with malware.