“WebDefender” – PHP Antivirus & Security scanner

“WebDefender” – WordPress Security & Firewall plugin

“WebDefender PHP Antivirus Installation Instructions

To install the PHP app and get it working:
1.Download the CWIS scanner package if you haven’t already
2.Upload the CWIS files to the desired location on your web server:
If you want to install scanner into the root of your domain (e.g. )


, move or upload all contents of the unzipped CWIS package into the root directory (e.g.)




) of your site.

If you want to install scanner in the subdirectory (e.g)


), upload the contents of the unzipped CWIS package to the appropriate directory on your site via FTP.

Note: If your FTP client has an option to convert file names to lower case, make sure it’s disabled.

Are there any issues installing this plugin on any hosts?

Not that we are aware of. After thousands of installations we have yet to experience issues with installing the plugin. However, we are constantly modifying our plugin introducing new and improving on existing features, so if you experiencing trouble installing please contact us at cwis@cobweb-security.com

Will the WebDefender protect my website from hacks?

Yes. The WebDefender is the complete security package. It incorporates all the main security elements needed to protect your website: An Antivirus scanner, two layer protection a Hide function and a WAF, , Brute Force protection, Anti-spam, Login security, Security hardening, Blacklist monitoring

Is the WebDefender plugin secure?

No sensitive data will be sent to our servers. However, during initial registration, the plugin sends the following encrypted information to the company’s server: your name, email address and website’s domain.

Is the WebDefender free to use?

Yes, the WebDefender is free to use.

If you need to enable additional features,  the Professional or Premium plans are available.

Installation Instructions

To install the plugin and get it working:

  1.    Login into your WordPress administration panel
  2.    Navigate to Plugins tab in the WordPress navigation menu, and select Add New
  3.    Type “WebDefender” in the Search Plugins box (or upload plugin to the /cwsd.php?cp= directory)
  4.    Select Install Now and than choose to Activate the plugin (or activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress)
  5.    Navigate to the WebDefender tab in the navigation menu, and click on the “Start Scan” button
  6.    During the registration, the plugin will securely send general information  (name, email and website’s domain) to company’s server

"WebDefender" Web Server multisite Antivirus

How to install “WebDefender” Antivirus Server package for Linux

Step 1
Execute installer directly from your shell or SSH terminal (ie as a root user):
curl -Lks http://update.cobweb-security.com/Server/cwis-install.sh | sh

This downloads the latest plug-in version, installs and activates service files, generates SSL certificate, installs SSL tunnel and so on…
Step 2
To access the CWIS Antivirus Server GUI go to https://YOURHOST:35915 (replace YOURHOST with the server hostname or IP address).

Step 3
Log in with your e-mail (used as a user name) and license key (used as a password).

Account Administration

Referral Program

Can I upgrade or change plans?

Yes, we offer professional and premium upgrade options once you’ve subscribed. If you find the upgrade you’re looking for, please submit the option in your administration panel

Do you make a refund?

Yes of course we do. See the specific product category for details.

How the Referral Program Works

As a Cobweb Security customer, you can use a our affiliate program to sell our services to your client, friends and audience. If your recommendation results in a purchase of one of our Profetional or Premium product plans, you receive a commission for that sale.