Desktop Application Security Assessment

The desktop app security assessment is a type of software pentesting that analyses the application’s usability, functionality, stability, and security.

The desktop app of your company should be secure, both in terms of access and data storage and organisation.

A desktop security assessment procedure is similar to mobile app pentesting. But applied technologies vary.

Performing this testing, you need to pay particular attention to installation and uninstallation tests to cover the application assessment requirements completely.

Cobweb’s certified expert team will conduct desktop pentesting on your company’s endpoints by simulating controlled attacks on your enterprise’s desktop apps.

If your app doesn’t communicate with outside, we will perform cryptographic analysis and reverse engineering testing.

We will help you identify security risks in your company, meet security requirements for your sphere of business, remediate drawbacks, and eliminate threats.

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Objects of testing

Front-end and back-end parts of apps
Interfaces for interacting with other apps
Networking mechanisms

Our Approach

Professionalism and Guarantees

Our team consists of certified experts in the field of cybersecurity. Every member of our team has 9+ years of experience in hacking technologies, programming, software development, security hardening methods.

Comprehensive Support

Cobweb’s customer support provides our clients with high-quality services by instantly reacting to new threats and intrusions. Our support team guarantees complete help within the chosen product or service plan.

Innovative technologies

In our work, we apply the best world practices in the field of information security, along with our own developments. Our R&D department implements cutting-edge technologies to ensure all-around protection for your business processes.

Detailed reports

Having performed testing and evaluation of your IS systems, we prepare a complete report of detected vulnerabilities, along with the recommendations for security hardening measures.

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