“WebDefender” – WordPress Security & Firewall plugin

Free wordpress security and firewall plugin for comprehensive website protection

Will includes all the extras options. Suited for small and medium-sized websites, private as well as business.

Premium website security and Firewall plugin; Antivirus scanner, two-layer protection,  Hide function and  WAF, Brute Force protection, Anti-spam, Login security, Security hardening, Blacklist monitoring


WordPress Website Security Solutions

Price Per Site

  • Hide my Website
  • Data Base Malware Scanner
  • Anti-hack scan Protection
  • Add IP Whitelist/IP Blacklist
  • Anti-SPAM Protection
  • Active Firewall
  • Malware Scanner
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • File Change Detection
  • GDPR Compliance Function
  • Vulnerabilities detection
  • Adware, spyware and spam links detection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Malware removal tool
  • Real-Time Threat Defense Feed
  • Real-time firewall rules updates
  • Real-time IP Blacklists
  • Real-time malware signature updates
  • New mask codes for updating the Hide function online
  • Scanner scheduler settings
  • Website Hack Cleanup & Repairing
  • Report
  • Security Monitoring
  • Support


Best for a basic site

$ 0 month
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly monitoring
  • Community support


A great home for multiple sites

$ 6 .90 month
  • Customize schedule
  • Daily monitoring
  • 12-24 hours support


Best for the most complex sites

$ 16 .90 month
  • Сleaning report
  • 12 hours monitoring
  • 6 hours support

"Webdefender" WordPress security & firewall plugin features

All elements for your WP website security & protection

Antivirus scanner

Our professional Antivirus Scanner will scan your website from external threats. We created it to detect adware and malware, backdoors, exploits, phishing codes, trojans, and viruses.

Smart WAF

This web application firewall filters, monitors, and blocks malicious bot traffic to a website. With our WAF in place, you can detect and block any suspicious traffic.

Hide function

The Hide protection function makes all your WP Site components, including core files, plugins and theme paths invisible for web crawlers and bots. Using the Hide function is an effective way to improve your website security.

Database malware scanning

Scanning a website's database is a unique feature of our scanning algorithm. This function is crucial for information security because more and more hackers use SQL injection for malware infection of the website.

Brute force attack protection

Hackers use automatic bot systems for Brute force attacks to find the password to log in to your website. Our algorithm detects the bots and prevents attempts of cracking a password.

Vulnerabilities detection

The most important part of your website security is vulnerabilities detection. WebDefender is able to detect scripts, plugins and themes vulnerabilities, SQL, XSS malicious injections.

The updater

The Updater has three separate blocks to update automatically managing themes, plugins, and WordPress core settings.

Blacklist monitoring

The WebDefenders' Blacklist scanner checks IP addresses and website domains in the 10 most popular security blacklists and safe browsing databases. Our scanner will automatically alert you if your website is included in any of the blacklists.


WebDefender has an automatic algorithm that can determine whether people or robots left comments on your site. All comments left by bots will be deleted and blocked instantly.

Install the WebDefender plugin from official WordPress.org site

Try the best website security protection algorithm – Smart WAF, Hide protection and Brute Force prevention in one plugin


Our web application firewall filters, monitors, and blocks malicious bot traffic to a website. With our WAF in place, you can easily detect and block any suspicious traffic.

Premium program

We offer 100% protection for your website with our online security monitoring 24/7. If any hackers attack or malware injection occurs, your website will be cleaned and repaired immediately.

protect website

Clean Hacked Website

Our certified team will fix and clean your hacked website. We are here to help. Our services include a 3-month guarantee at a very affordable price

clean website

Server-side scanning, Malware monitoring, detection & removal. Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring. Notifications & Alerts by email


Every time WebDefender scans your site, it detects all viruses and malware that have been injected. We will notify you immediately if any problem arises.

Enhance the security of your website with our professional upgrade.

Real-time firewall rule updates
Real-time IP Blacklist
New mask code for hide update
Real-time malware signature updates
Scanner scheduler’s settings

Malware removal tool, powerful & easy to use

The WebDefender Antivirus Security Scanner will not only help you find all the viruses and malicious codes on your website, but also remove the malware easily. Our built-in file viewer and editor are a user-friendly security cleaning tool for removing infected codes or their parts, depending on the type of infection. The cleaning process is fairly simple. However, it requires some knowledge of the coding process.

Compliance of your website with the general data protection regulation (gdpr)

GDPR compliance function

GDPR Consent management
  • A User Consent management review form
  • The ability to control version updates and users’ reconfirmation for the Privacy Policy page
Cookies and data collection privacy management
  • By default, registered users will accept Cookies.
  • By default, for registered users the Data collection will be accepted automatically.
User data management
  • On-demand, providing users with information about their personal data that is stored on the website
  • Allowing the user to change or delete personal information on the site with a double opt-in confirmation email
Privacy information should be provided to the user
  • Data Processor settings and publishing of contact information
Personal data breaches
  • Data breach notification logs and batch email notifications to Data Subjects
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