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All you need to know about the security of your websites
Our section of the Web Security Academy articles has been written to give owners and developers the most complete understanding of the security problems of web resources, how to ...

What are the signs of a hacked website?

The hacked website is a big problem becoming for business owners.
Getting your site blacklisted, loss of traffic, complaints from client and hosting companies and all of the hard work you have put in into the promotion of your business ...

10,000 hacked WordPress sites have caused thousands of PC infections

Specialists from Check Point found a group of hackers who organized malicious computer infestation campaigns through ads on websites, where cybercriminals distributed, cryptomayers, extortionists and bank Trojans.

Experts said that they recorded more than 40 000 attempts of infection per week. ...

New Malicious PHP-script “Brain Food” infected 2400 website during one a week

Malicious PHP-script called Brain Food, is able to add a headache to web developers: it promotes questionable pharmaceutical products through pages hosted on legitimate sites.
The new spam campaign is still quite successful, as it uses a PHP-script, implemented on ...

A new generation of phishing tools was discovered In Darknet

Check Point experts in together with CyberInt specialists have discovered new-generation phishing-tools for fake website building that are actively advertised in darknet.
According to experts, these tools represent a more advanced generation of threats to create more compelling fake sites.

The ...

Drupal Developers are forced to release a second patch for Drupalgeddon2

Yesterday, the developers of Drupal announced that versions 7.x, 8.4.x and 8.5.x this week will receive new security updates, since the critical vulnerability in CMS, known as Drupalgeddon2, could not be completely fixed by the first patches.

Release of updates scheduled ...

In Drupal patched not too dangerous XSS Vulnerability

In Drupal closed XSS Vulnerability
Last Wednesday, the Drupal team released updates with a patch for the XSS vulnerability in the CKEditor module of the CMS core.

This gap, estimated as moderately dangerous, is relevant only for Drupal 8; users are ...

Server’s of LimeSurvey service was attacked by hackers

Server’s of LimeSurvey service was attacked by hackers

Specialists from the company RIPS Technologies found a dangerous vulnerability in the popular service for organizing online surveys LimeSurvey. vulnerability allow you to run arbitrary code on web servers.
LimeSurvey is a free ...

Thousands of hacked sites infect visitors’ computers with malicious software

Thousands of sites hacked and infect visitors’ computers with malware
The other day it became known that a Hackers hacked several thousands of different sites by downloading malware to servers. It was done in order to infect the user PCs ...

For the first quarter of 2018, Consumer Cryptomining malware up 4,000%

For the first quarter of 2018, Consumer Cryptomining malware up 4,000
Specialists Malwarebytes published a report according to which the number of incidents of crypto-jacking for the first quarter of 2018 increased by 4000% compared to the same period last ...

More than 1000 Magento website were hacked.

More than 1000 sites based on Magento were hacked.Data on bank cards was stolen, and resources were installed on miners
Experts Flashpoint reported that they found a compromise of more than 1000 sites running Magento. According to the company, the ...

New Critical Vulnerabilities in Drupal

A critical vulnerability has been fixed in Drupal

A week ago on March 28, Drupal Security Team announced patches that close the critical bug in security, relevant for all versions of Drupal 6.x, 7.x and 8.x. The vulnerability allows an attacker ...

Google improves security tools in Google Cloud, G Suite

Google Cloud Platform and G Suite security will be increase
On Wednesday, Google announced a set of new security features for the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. According to the company, new opportunities will give companies more control over ...

Hackers hide a miner malware installer on Github

Be careful the miner malware installer is on Github
Analysts of Avast Software reported a new method of a hidden distribution of crypto-currency miners. They found a malicious installer, hidden in IT projects on Github.

The detected malicious program is spread ...

New malware masks for IonCube files

Security researchers from SiteLock warned administrators of WordPress and Joomla sites about new malware that masqueraded as legitimate ionCube files. Malware, called ionCube Malware, is used by cybercriminals to create backdoors on vulnerable websites, allowing them to steal data or ...

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