FTP is not safe, now Chrome will warn you about this

The Chrome browser from Google info-icon will soon be flagging services that use the FTP protocol as unsafe. This was reported yesterday by Google employee, a member of the security team of Chrome, Mike West (Mike West).

“As part of our ...

Google Chrome warns users about MitM-attacks

The experimental function is already available for testing.
A new security feature will appear in the Google Chrome 63 browser, which will detect a “man in the middle” (MitM) attacks by third-party software.
MitM-attacks are used to intercept web-traffic of ...

Detected critical vulnerability in Apache Struts

The update of the Apache Struts 2.5.13 web framework, used to create Java web applications using the Model-View-Controller paradigm, is published. The release includes a critical vulnerability fix (CVE-2017-9805) that allows you to run code on the server side.

The attack ...

The Cerber cipher steals data from cryptocurrency wallets

Last spring, Malwarebytes researchers reported that the encryptor Cerber managed to capture the leadership in the black market, and this was largely due to the transition of the malware to the RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) model and the regular appearance of new ...

Drupal eliminates the vulnerabilities exploited by spammers

Drupal eliminates the vulnerabilities
The developers of Drupal introduced versions 7.56 and 8.3.4, in which several vulnerabilities were eliminated, including bugs used by spammers.

One of the main corrected problems was the vulnerability of CVE-2017-6922. The bug was that the files ...

During the hacking of OneLogin thousands of users were affected

OneLogin Hacked
The popular provider of single sign-on solutions, OneLogin, suffered a hacker attack. Then it was reported that unknown intruders managed to get unauthorized access to data on the American region.
Representatives of the company explained that the burglars ...

Researchers found a new vulnerability in the Open VPN, which was missed by two teams of auditors

Vulnerability in OpenVPN
Two independent audit teams completed the verification of one of the most popular VPN clients today – OpenVPN. The researchers did not find any serious problems in the OpenVPN, and all small defects found by them were ...

Hackers cracked and steal the data of 17 million users of Zomato service

Zomato service hacked
Attackers stole personal data from 17 million users of the resource.
Zomato is popular not only in India, but also in other states, including Europe and the United States. Every month Zomato is used by at least ...

Found new a Malware that steals logins and passwords from Popular Browsers

The multifunctional Trojan.DownLoader23.60762
The multifunctional  Trojan.DownLoader23.60762, which steals logins and passwords from popular browsers, was told in the anti-virus company Doctor Web.

A virus that infects Windows computers installs other applications on the device, and also steals account data from various ...

Google tightens the rules for using OAuth to fight fraudsters

In early May, 2017, unknown anonimus hackers launched a very unusual phishing campaign against Gmail users. The attackers exploited legitimate Google services and functions, masking their activity under links to Google Docs documents. Malicious emails using scammers to gain access ...

More than 300 fake phishing websites of British banks were found

Phishing websites of British banks were found
DomainTools has discovered more than 300 fake bank websites posing as official websites of the largest financial institutions of Great Britain, says the correspondent of in Brussels.

According to the company’s report, 110 ...

Website Antivirus – CWIS product line

Cobweb Security is a young and dynamic company founded by cyber security experts specializing in website and web server security.
Our core business is monitoring, detection and cleaning infected Websites.
Our extended experience in web security prompt us to develop ...

Google Docs users have been under a massive phishing attack

Google Docs users have been under a massive phishing attack
Google Docs users underwent a massive phishing attack and the problem is global in nature.
In its Twitter blog, Google has warned users around the world about a phishing e-mail ...

Magento vulnerability has put 250 000 eCommerce websites under threat

Magento vulnerability has put 250 000 eCommerce websites under threat
DefenceCode researchers (a company that provides consulting services in the field of information security) found a vulnerability in the Magento eCommerce platform that allows hackers to upload malware to the ...

Hackers produced the “biggest YouTube hack in the history”

Hackers produced the “biggest YouTube hack in the history”
The group of hackers called OurMine has hacked thousands of YouTube accounts, including profiles of famous bloggers.

The group of hackers called OurMine has hacked thousands of YouTube accounts, including profiles of ...

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