Protect your website from hacking , malware and virus injection with the WebDefender  professional security protection and antivirus plugin.The WebDefender is designed to protect your website , detect exploits, malware, trojans, viruses and other security threats within your database content and uploaded files as well as blacklist check  for the best website protection.

The “Web Defender” is a lightweight antivirus. This WordPress plugin is an easy to use and user friendly. Web Defender  will find CMS and server vulnerabilities and other threats within the database content and files uploaded to your system. Just install Web Defender  free antivirus and start protecting your website immediately!

The Advanced Antivirus Algorithm

A unique algorithm uses heuristic analysis that enables it to look and most importantly detect viruses and malware in the binary code.

Extended Virus Search

Search the entire system files of the website

Access Without SSH

Access without the details of SSH, not all hosting company willing to provide it.

Website Hide Security

Hide website from hacker attacks, increase your website protection level

Fully automatic encryption

Fully automatic encryption of your website components

One click installation

Installation does not require manual operation, all encoding is performed by push the start button

Correct Work With Limited Resources

The scanner continues correct works to website with hosting where limited resources.

Database Virus Search

Monitoring for malicious codes and viruses in the website’s database


A quick and easy setup for open source websites such as: WORDPRESS, MAGENTO, JOOMLA, DRUPAL

Brute Force Attack Protection

Our algorithm detects Brute force bots attack and prevents attempts of a password crack.


WebDefender algorithm analyzes who wants to write comments to your website bot or human

WAF Protection

A WAF filters, detect and block bad bot traffic to a website.


Server-side scanning, Malware monitoring, detection & removal. Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring. Notifications & Alerts by email.

  • Daily analyze of all the changes on your website
  • Access to engineers to fix vulnerabilities
  • Summary daily, weekly and monthly analyze


Online trust and reputation are critical to the success of your business. This feature does an exhaustive check, daily, to make sure your website is not blacklisted by major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You will be notified immediately if a problem is discovered.


Every time Web Defender scans your website, it makes sure that no known viruses or malware have been injected. This protects your customers and your business by preventing hackers from using your site to infect visitors and wreak havoc. You will be notified immediately if a problem is discovered.