IT Infrastructure Assessment

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Security issues should be the highest priority for any business owner. Any existing vulnerability in your company’s information system may be exploited by hackers, and therefore, lead to financial losses and damage your reputation.

To maintain the stability of your security system, you should conduct infrastructure assessments regularly. Infrastructure security assessment implies complex reviews of your systems and inner processes.

Cobweb applies the latest assessment tools and expert analysis to detect all existing vulnerabilities and drawbacks within your current infrastructure. On the results of the evaluation, a documented review will be provided to a client. This report covers the following issues:

  • Server Environment
  • Application Delivery
  • Cloud storage security analyses
  • Network assessment
  • Social engineering testing
  • Backup
  • Policies and Procedures

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Inclued services

DoS Testing

Our team develops tailor-made DoS protection solutions for your business.

Social Engineering penetration testing

Social engineering is targeted at the employees and their adherence to the existing security practices

Security Analysis of Cloud Data Storage

Cloud penetration testing is used to identify existing drawbacks in the cloud infrastructure.

Information Security Risk Assessment

Information security risk assessments are conducted to evaluate, identify, and prioritise risks in the company’s information system.

Cyber Attack Incident Investigation

The Cobweb experts will conduct a comprehensive cyber attack incident investigation and provide you with a complex integrated plan.

More information

Along with a detailed report on discovered drawbacks in your IT infrastructure, our expert team provides comprehensive recommendations for the improvement of your security processes. Furthermore, our experienced team will help you eliminate vulnerabilities and enhance the stability of processes or even develop a new efficient security architecture that will be able to reduce risks and decrease operating costs. Contact certified specialists to be fully protected and stay ahead of competitors.


Smart Support

Our support team notifies you immediately if security threats arise.

Certified Security Team

We are a team of certified experts with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity.

Detailed Reports

We provide detailed reports of conducted works together with security hardening recommendations.

Fixed Price Plans

You can choose the most suitable plan for your business. It is possible to change the plan at any time.

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