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Our company represents the widest line of professional anti viruses for website security monitoring and diagnosing malware and vulnerabilities. Our product line includes an antivirus for any sites built on PHP, a plugin for Wordpress. Joomla extension and Magento security extension. We also developed a antivirus for Linox Server/ VPS server. The WebDefender VPS/Server antivirus installed on the root level and allows you to crawl all sites hosted on the Hosting.

Website protection & security solutions

Universal professional tools for blogger , small businesses, enterprise organizations, and web professionals


WebDefender is all-in-one security plugin for Wordpress websites with protection, monitoring, and built-in malware removable tool for your website cleanup.
You can choose are three pricing plans - Free , Professional or Premium ideal for bloggers and small businesses site.

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The WebDefender PHP antivirus scanner can easily be installed on any website built on PHP . The PHP Antivirus for security monitoring and diagnosing malware and vulnerabilities functional. You will also easily remove the malware from your website with cleanup tool.

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A universal antivirus Platform for Linux type WEB Servers enables malwar monitoring, detection and removal.
Includes an easy to use cleaning tool for the removal of malicious codes from all websites on the server. With SaaS (control panel) for multiple servers

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Our antivirus suitability with all PHP built website. Whether it has a any CMS or custom PHP code, your website and database is safe with WebDefender tools

Free cwis

for new users
$ 0 / month
  • CWIS Antivirus for Viruse, Malware and Malicious code monitoring as well as security weaknesses analysis
  • Basic scan option use only


for new users
$ 6.9 / month
  • Will includes all the extras options. Suited for small and medium-sized websites, private as well as business.
  • Expanded version of CWIS antivirus for viruse, Malicious scripts , Malware and known security vulnerability of your website.
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A full and detailed report

VPS/ Server CWIS antivirus

for new users
$ 12 / month $130 / Yearly
  • Secure and protect websites hosted on your VPS server. An easy and reliable solution for the protection of your customers from hackers
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A full and detailed report

WebDefender  is …

  • Full monitoring of Viruses on the website
  • Phishing Detection
  • Blacklist checking of your IP addresses and websites
  • File Change Detection
  • Full Malware search
  • Malware detection in the SQL database
  • Bot spam file Detection


Plan CodeFree CWISBusiness CWISPremium CWIS
Malware Detection
Vulnerabilities Detection 
File Change Detection
Blacklist checking 
Backdoor Detection
Disclosure of paths (folders) all level 1 
Plugin version check 
Bot spam file Detection
ZIP file checking 
Phishing Detection 
SQL, XSS and code Injection diagnostic 
SQL Malware detection 
Stop Zero Day Exploits 
SupportCommunity support24-48 hours support24 hours support
ReportWeekly reportDaily reportDaily report
Security MonitoringWeekly monitoringDaily monitoring12 hours monitoring
Website Hack Cleanup & Repairing  
Pricing / Plans$ 0 / Month$ 6.9 / Month$ 16.9 / Month

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I would like to start by saying that I highly recommend the services of Cobweb Security.
Our company encountered many a times hacking problems as well as lack of availability from various companies we’ve worked with and we almost gave up on that issue.
Cobweb Security called me up one fine day and offered their services for the treatment of hacked sites. Initially we were concerned that hey accidentally found our number over the Internet but, very quickly we realized that I was dealing with a very serious company that understands and knows the field  in a level have yet to see. After a few days the problem was resolved and I received answers to every question I had. A few additional problems I had that I couldn’t find a solution to were resolved in a quick and professional manner. I would like to add that Cobweb’s team know their business, are always available at any time and are trust worthy.
Affordable prices and ease of work helped me to leverage my business!
Any business that experience the necessity of website security – I highly recommend the services of Cobweb. Simply a pleasure!

– Jammy / addo.co.il

I will start with the fact the our website was hacked! We tried different antiviruses and did not find any problem with the site. After additional search we found Cobweb Security which provided us with a full service and solution. We found malicious scripts in the website. We received a full service that was very quick and on the highest level. We signup for a longterm monitoring services from Cobweb Security

– Alex / elcatechs.com