Keylogger injection campaign covered 2000 WordPress-sites

Keylogger injection campaign covered 2000 WordPress-sites

The experts found that after the closure of the malicious website cloudflare [.] Solutions, with which hackers downloaded the cryptomayer Coinhive and later Keylogger on hacked WordPress sites, hackers registered three new domain names.
According to PublicWWW, at the moment, ...

Malware Wp-Vcd is distributed through “pirate” themes for WordPress

At the end of November 2017,Security specialists discovered a new malware Wp-Vcd
Wp-Vcd attacks sites running WordPress. The malware uses known vulnerabilities in plug-ins or CMS for attacks and they mask themselves as a legitimate WordPress files. If the attack ...

WordPress plugin detected a backdoor

The backdoor was contained in the fake X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO plugin
An unknown hacker introduced a backdoor into the source code of the WordPress plugin that masquerades as an anti-spam tool called X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO.

Apparently, the attacker tried to use the reputation of a ...

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