Specialists from Check Point found a group of hackers who organized malicious computer infestation campaigns through ads on websites, where cybercriminals distributed, cryptomayers, extortionists and bank Trojans.

Experts said that they recorded more than 40 000 attempts of infection per week. Currently, the campaign is still active.

Mostly, infection occurs through malicious advertisements. Experts believe that cybercriminals have a big income from their activities.

An unknown hacker who Check Point specialists called Master134, redirected stolen traffic from more than 10,000 hacked WordPress sites and sold it to AdsTerra-RTB platform (Real Time Bidding).

Malicious advertisements have appeared on thousands of sites around the world. The ads contained malicious JavaScript code that exploited vulnerabilities in browsers and plug-ins (for example, Flash Player).

Consequently, users infected their computers with extortionists, keyloggers and other types of malicious programs by simply visiting the site on which malicious ads are placed. This tactic of cybercriminals has been more than 10 years old.

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