Yesterday, Googleinfo-icon announced three new security features of the Chrome browser

The features which will help to detect and combat malicious extensions and programs.

First of all, Chrome will detect the addition of changes to the user’s default settings. These include the settings of the search engine, the home page and the proxy server.

If Chrome noticed this activity, a warning will be displayed (see the figure below), which will also allow the user to restore the previous settings.

Moreover, Google added a page where you can reset all the settings at once, it is located at:

chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings

Another new feature is the well-known Chrome Cleanup Tool, previously distributed as a stand-alone application. This tool is now enabled in Chrome for Windows by default and automatically starts to detect any intrusion of an unauthorized program to change Chrome settings.

“The Chrome Cleanup Tool warns users when unwanted programs are detected, and also offers a quick way to remove them and return Chrome to their default settings,” Google says.

Another innovation was the integration of Google’s detection mechanism ESET.

However, not all users are optimistic about new features. In particular, many people pay attention to the fact that in this way it is very easy to collect data about what the user is downloading to the computer.

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