Google Docs users have been under a massive phishing attack

Google Docs users underwent a massive phishing attack and the problem is global in nature.

In its Twitter blog, Google has warned users around the world about a phishing e-mail messages from Gmail’s mail service under the disguise of a Google Docs. If a user follow the link specified in the message, he will then be asked to give permission to manage contacts and letters to a program called Google Docs, which has nothing to do with Google and it is malicious.
Malicious mail can be identified by a number of distinctive features: The recipient’s address is indicated in a hidden copy, and the sender may be a person with whom the user has previously communicated; As the recipient of the letter, the address on the domain is usually specified; The address of the link attached to the letter contains a list of addresses not related to Google Docs.
“We’re investigating phishing messages that look like Google Docs, and we recommend that you do not click on the messages and report them as phishing,” the Google message said.
Fake Google pages have already been deleted, but the company asked users to report new cases of phishing emails.

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