Google Cloud Platform and G Suite security will be increase

On Wednesday, Google announced a set of new security features for the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. According to the company, new opportunities will give companies more control over their security environment.

For the Google Cloud Platform, VPC Service Controls’ virtual private cloud management services were implemented.
Currently, the alpha version provides a firewall for API-based services, as well as functions to protect data from leakage in case of an hacker entering the system.

“Imagine that you create an invisible border around everything inside the application, this border prevents data leakage and allows you to customize everything at your discretion,” Google’s vice president of security writes in his blog.

The company also se the Cloud Security Command Center tool, which gives companies a deeper insight into the security of their data in cloud-based Google services. Its main function is to help companies collect data, assess threats and take action before data is compromised or lost.

For a better evaluation of cyber risk, Google cooperates with companies such as Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, Dome9, RedLock, Palo Alto Networks and Qualys. The company also paid more attention to the opposition to DDoS attacks and application protection, for which the Cloud Armor service was launched.

Cloud Armor offers white and black list tools, and also integrates with the Cloud HTTP (S) Load Balancing service.

As for G Suite, here the corporation realized new anti-phishing features. Google has added machine learning, which will automatically flag suspicious emails with encrypted attachments or embedded scripts. At the same time, the updated anti-phishing features can now be configured to automatically enable the latest security features recommended by Google.

Google also announced that on mobile devices that have access to G Suite, new proactive security settings will be activated automatically.

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