unCAPTCHA is a new automated system developed by experts from the University of Maryland at College Park, able to bypass reCAPTCHA from Googleinfo-icon with an accuracy of 85%

This is due to the audio version of the hint for people with disabilities.

unCAPTCHA loads the Capci sound file, then feeds it to six text-to-speech (TTS) systems. After that, unCAPTCHA sends the most likely response to Google’s servers.

Tests conducted by researchers show that unCAPTCHA can solve 450 reCAPTCHA tasks with an accuracy of 85.15% in 5.42 seconds. This is less than what a person needs to listen to a single reCAPTCHA sound file.

Experts published the code unCAPTCHA on GitHub. This code traces the use of TTS-systems such as Bing Speech Recognition, IBMinfo-icon, Google Cloud, Google Speech Recognition, Sphinx and Wit-AI.

unCAPTCHA is far from the first such system – for example, in March the researcher published ReBreakCaptcha, almost identical to the unCAPTCHA system. The difference is that Maryland University employees notified Google about their work in advance, and the company therefore worked on improving reCAPTCHA.

“It seems that Google has taken certain measures, since the success of unCaptcha is now not so obvious. For example, the process of determining the browser has become more perfect, “- say the researchers.

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