Site administrators working on WordPress have had a tough week when, on Monday, February 5 2018, a new version of CMS (WordPress 4.9.3) was published, which was supposed to fix a number of minor problems, but eventually, accidentally, corrupted the automatic updates mechanism, which allowed for independent CMS updates.

Although the error was quickly noticed, and corrected the very next day in the WordPress 4.9.4 version, restoring normal operation of the automatic update system, an obvious problem arose. The fact is that users, who’s automatic update system was corrupted, couldn’t receive the automatic correction in the form of WordPress 4.9.4, they may not even know about its existence.

To install the new version 4.9.4, website administrators had to initiate the update manually, from the control panel.

It is important to understand that the automatic updating function is an important component of the security and functionality of a website. Therefore, we recommend that all website owners perform a manual check of the WordPress version and if your current version is 4.9.3 update immediately to next version of WordPress.

In addition to updating the wordpress core , it is equally important to monitor the Plugins and Themes. You can use automatic updater functional in Free “WebDefender” plugin

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